Nakazesogen Camping Ground

Address: 1111-2 Tabiracho Okubomen, Hirado, Nagasaki 859-4821 (Approximately 45 mins drive from main base)

More information:

・ General camp: Yes
・ Cafe
・ Store (alcohol, drinks, food, firewood)
・ Paid facility (cooking room, shower, laundry, etc.)
・ Camping tool sales and rental (hand-free camping)
・ Sheep/goat contact ranch

Cost: The camp on the ground costs ¥2,000 per night for the solo camper, ¥4,500-5,000 per night for a 2-6 people tent, and a tarp ¥1,000 per night, Overlooking an ocean view of ¥6,500 per night. The car campsite costs ¥7,000.

Pet-Friendly: Yes

*Reservation required


Let us help you with making reservation!!

1. Fill out the form on this page.
2. Please contact us via FB here for the easy/faster communication