Happy Clients


I can't say enough about how wonderful Explore Translation is. They have assisted me for over two years with many tasks and translation services in Sasebo. They always provide excellent customer service and go above and beyond to research any inquiry that is asked of them. Both Saori and Chika maintained excellent communication from start to finish and provided affordable rates to solve the most complicated of requests. I highly recommend Explore Translation and will definitely return as a customer.


Saori literally made my trip in Japan the best it possibly could have. Without her translation services the trip would not have been as enjoyable as it was. She worked tirelessly to make sure everything was as seamless as possible. Without a doubt the best there is in Japan for translation services for Americans and other English speaking travelers to enjoy all of what Japan has to offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact her and her team for your trip to Japan. I mean that in the best way possible.

We went from Kamikochi National Park to the southern parts of Japan. Ate at multiple places along the way from little ramen shops to the best steakhouses available. Also, the Yamazaki Whiskey Distillery is NOT to be missed. Saori also arranged this for us on our trip.

I would be glad to speak with anyone wanting to explore Japan and using the services available through Explore Translation!

If I could have given Explore Translation 10 stars, I would have!!


Saori san, I just want to send you a quick word to express my deep gratitude for all the valuable help you have given me in Japan. Thanks to you, I had a voice in Japanese. My customers got my message through your words. You are indeed quite efficient, patient and professional and I am so glad and lucky to have worked with you in Japan. From one foreigner (gaijin) to another, if you need help with the language and really want to get to know Japan and the culture of Japan, there is no better person to go to than Saori. If you are after a true authentic cultural experience in Japan, Saori's got it for you.

Thanks Saori and I look forward to seeing you again in Japan.


Explore Translation has helped with scheduling appointments, research for every day matters, and has helped us find tickets for entertainment like Carp and concert tickets which I initially tried to find elsewhere at terribly inflated rates.
I appreciate how Saori responds via messenger.
Her rates are fabulous!


Thank you so much for making our wedding an event that will always be in our minds and heart forever. None of this would never have happened without your communication and organizing skills. You are truly one of a kind. Keep up the good work and again thank you so much for the help.


Iwakuni Community, I HIGHLY recommend Saori Rastall for whatever need you may have when you are in need of help with things off base, nothing is too big or too small.
She has helped me numerous times and has been amazing.
I seriously would have been lost with this last request I had for her if she wasn't around to help.


Saori is very helpful and patient. She will answer any questions and ask any questions for you in store which was very helpful to me. Very recommended!


Just used the facilities of Explore Translation, Saori Rastall, to help me by calling round for a specific item we wanted. Very professional and quick, highly recommended.


My experience with Explore Translation is unrivaled. I have been living in Iwakuni, Japan since 2014 and discovered Saori and her translation services via the "classifieds" FaceBook page. I have used Explore Translation for everything from hotel/lodging accommodation and beauty reservations. My family and I have relied on her in a pinch for emergency communications with airline services and hotel establishments. I've never hesitated in using her research skills in bridging the gap between my own business and what Japan has to offer. Explore Translation was paramount in discovering the Japanese Affiliate of the International Powerlifting Federation as well as other gyms and facilities catering to the Body Building community. Many of my personal academic studies have benefitted from her services as well, when I need my electronic study materials converted to hard copy. I have and will continue to refer to Explore Translation to any and all who cross my path. There really is no reason to avoid using the services offered, I could not be happier with not only the prompt and pragmatic service but the value is unmatched! I 100% recommend Explore Translation for ALL of your English/Japanese needs.


We want to thank Saori for working with our family for the past two years! Her translating services are exceptional and her professionalism is unmatched.  Our family had the pleasure of working with Saori as our personal translator for our son's soccer team.  As a foreigner, we came across many language challenges of having our son play on a local Japanese soccer team.  Saori first assisted us with getting onto the team but then acted on our behalf for all communication needs including being part of messaging groups.  Saori helped us break the language barrier and we had a very successful time with the team.  Her services provided us with a voice on the team which allowed us to fully participate as a member despite the language barrier! She went beyond simply translating soccer schedules, maps, and documents and was always there for us whenever something unexpected came up!  We felt she catered her services to what we were looking for.

Saori met and exceeded all our expectations and if we get the pleasure of coming back to Japan, we will certainly work with her again!


We used Explore Translation recently to find a very specific car. Yumi was incredible. She was able to scour Japanese-language auto sites, call dealerships and set up meetings with sellers cheerfully and professionally. She says she knows nothing about cars but her translations were always accurate!

We are so thankful for this service!
Worth every penny!! Highly recommend!


I would like to thank Saori Rastall from Explore Translation for everything she has helped me with. I have gotten to do a few things I wouldn't have been able to do without her. She is absolutely the best resource to go to for anything and everything here in Japan. I have asked her for so many random things, such as, chiropractor appointments, cabin booking in Miyajima and she has even helped me order stuff online, given me information on baby items and helped me find some options when my milk supply was low for my little boy. I highly recommend her if you need help exploring Japan or just getting basic needs met that usually we wouldn't be able to do because of the language barrier.


Thank you Explore Translations for finding a Koto teacher in Sasebo to help me learn how to play the instrument!!! I had my first lesson today and it was awesome!! Thank you!!


My family experienced an emergency situation and needed a translator. We reached out to explore translation and they responded within minutes. Manami stayed with us through the entire process and was so kind and helpful. My family was so thankful to have her help and my husband said this service was worth every penny. My family highly recommends Explore Translation and the kindness and professionalism of Manami.