You can use Explore Translation to make appointments or communicate with our partnered businesses at no cost, but if you would like us to do some research, make phone calls to non-partnered places or make reservations, service fees will apply. 
We will be happy to assist you in making your life easier and exploring this beautiful country.


How to use Explore Translation

Please message us with your request before making any payment unless you are an existing monthly subscriber.
Let us know what your request / inquiry is first, we start counting time when you agree to our service terms.

Online assistance  We assist you in making any type of reservations such as hotels, restaurants, beauty salons or arranging a medical & legal appointments as well as doing research on anything possible. See more information here

Phone interpretation assistance   Please let us know and book a phone translation service with one of us in advance as soon as you know when you need our phone interpretation service. You can use this service for your appointments at the city hall or medical facility in case over-the-phone service is preferred over on-site assistance. See more information here

Document translation    Please note that we need a certain amount of time (usually 3-5 business days) to finish a paperwork translation service unless it has multiple pages. If you need an expedited service, make sure to ask us about our availability. Please send us your document(s) via Facebook Messenger or email (support@exploretranslation.com) and specify if you need additional services such as a notary service or a certificate of translation for a quote. See more information here

On-site translation assistance    Please let us know when/where you need our on-site assistance including face-to-face paperwork assistance so we can arrange a meet-up to help you. See more information here

Trip planning assistance  With this service, we create a custom itinerary for you based on your request. Please request for a trip planning assistance as early as possible. Please plan ahead for better results, and know we might not be able to assist you in time if we are given just a week of notice or less. See more information here

Group event planning assistance  If you are in need of assistance to make arrangements for a group event that 13 or more people will attend, please choose this service. Flat rate fees apply to this plan and each plan covers up-to 90 minutes of our service. 

Monthly subscription plan   You get unlimited quick services (5 minutes) each month plus a certain time for our appointment/research service depending on your plan (Basic, Deluxe or Premium). The first 5 minutes is always free per case/request. You will get the higher priorities from our ET team. See more information here

Our credit system  As of January 1st, 2022, this system is now available for our monthly service members only. If you use up your monthly minutes, you can add more time by purchasing credits. These are already great deals, but you will get an additional discount if you are a Deluxe or Premium member. See more information here

Business Hours

Monday-Friday  9:00-17:00 (Last call: 16:30)
Saturday 9:00-12:30 (Last call: 12:00)
Closed on JP/US holidays

*We stop taking new requests including school related daily simple translation at 16:30, and resume assisting the next business day.
*We start assisting our Premium monthly members at 8:00 on weekdays. 
*Our monthly subscribers have the higher priorities, Premium, Deluxe, Basic in that order.
*We try our best to assist you within 24 business hours, and in order we receive inquiries.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Once you have agreed to our service terms, you will be responsible for a payment even if we are unable to provide the answers or results you have hoped to get through our services. We charge by the time of our services. 
Payments that have been made are normally non-refundable for your personal reasons. 

Monthly subscription Once you have paid for our monthly services, we are normally unable to refund for the remaining months. In case you still need to cancel your monthly plan, please talk to us first. You would get 50% from the remaining fees back if the reason of your cancellation is beyond control. If you cancel the plan by yourself without informing us, there would be no refund. 


Need help?

Contact us at {email} for further questions.