Are you in need of assistance in researching the right place for your group event/activity?
Explore Translation have assisted numerous clients in making arrangements for their command events, half-way dinners, baby showers and more. We can do research on your behalf and help you plan a successful event for a reasonable flat rate!

Our service fees


Event types Number of guests Price Assisting time
Large Event/Banquet Over 80 $80 Up to 3 hours
Command Event/Banquet Under 80 $60 Up to 2 hours
Spouses' Event/Banquet, Baby Shower, etc. Under 50 $40 Up to 1.5 hours
Activity Arrangement for a large group Over 20 $40 Up to 2 hours
Activity Arrangement for a smaller group Under 20 $30 Up to 1.5 hours

Please use this service if your group has 13 or more people. Once a payment is made, we will deduct time as we assist you in researching and planning your event. When the assisting time is all used up, additional fees may apply.

*Menu translation is included in the large event/banquet ($80) and command event/banquet ($60) assistance only. We will provide a quote for menu translation for other events if required.

Please fill out the form below to give us details about your event. We also have our Facebook Page for faster communication (please still submit this form first).


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