Would you like some assistance in purchasing tickets for entertainment or shopping online for a certain item?

Please communicate with us and let us know the type of service you would like to receive first.

Assistance with Online Shopping

Are you in need of some assistance in purchasing something you are looking for on a Japanese online shop, such as Amazon, IKEA, or Rakuten Japan? We will assist you with purchasing process, payment, and delivery arrangement.

Specific item on specific website
Shopping assistance…$10/20 mins. ($30 maximum)

Specific item that requires research service
Shopping assistance…$10/20 mins. ($30 maximum)
+ Research to find a website / compare prices…Additional $10/20 mins.

Tickets purchase
On specific website…$10/20 mins. ($30 maximum)
+ Research to find a website / compare prices…Additional $10/20 mins.

a) Additional $10/additional seller or website
b) $12.5/20 mins. ($37.5 maximum) or $40 if outside business hours (ET business hours: 9:00-17:00 Monday to Saturday, except JP/US holidays)
*Even though our assistance is not completed for any reason, our service fees will be charged (some discount may apply).

Convenience fee for payment assistance by Explore Translation
(Separate from our basic service fee above)

7.5% of the amount on the items or the Japanese bank transfer, excluding the service fees above

 ・When paid by our US / JP credit card

  • When transferring money via JP bank/post office
    →Additional $10 service fee + 7.5% convenience fee + necessary transaction fee(s) by bank

Assistance with Auctions

If you have a certain item you would like to bid on an online auction site, such as Yahoo Auction, we can assist you with that, too! Please pick what you would like to get on the site if possible so the assisting process will be smooth. We can start assisting you as close to the ending date as possible, ideally one or two days apart from the ending date.


Our service fees

Service Price
Bidding for one (1) item $30
Bidding for additional item $10 each
Bidding for one (1) item outside hours $40
Bidding for additional item outside hours $15 each




*When you decide not to bid any higher or you end up losing, our service charges will be a little lower than the ones listed above.
For example, $30→$20 / $10→$7 / $40→$30 / $15→$10 or similar.


Please read carefully and agree to the followings before proceeding:

  1. We do not take any responsibility for any damaged or lost item for your order, and no refund will be provided for our services themselves. However, we will try our best to assist you in communicating with a shipping company or seller(s) in case required.

  2. Please make sure to double check all the items in the cart with our staff prior to finalizing the order. If you notice any problem after we place your order, we do not take any responsibility to fix the situation.

  3. We can only make a payment to the site (via Japanese bank / credit card) on your behalf after we confirm a money transfer from you to our account. We are afraid we are unable to allow installments and we need you to transfer the total cost at the time of our assistance.

  4. If an online purchase assistance requires us to make a phone call to the online shop and the phone call (such as a 0570 number) costs us, there will be an additional cost we need to charge you on top of our service fees. We will inform you about the additional charge if this is needed for your case. (Phone charge is usually around ¢30/minute.)

Please contact us via FB Messenger for the faster assistance or fill out the form below to inquire about the service.


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