Explore Translation proudly has served our clients with our special / professional team members that have talent and skillset. We have no doubt that there is nothing we are unable to assist you in making your experience in Japan more enjoyable and unforgettable. Talk to us and we will be very pleased to help you!

Staff profile


I am a licensed English teacher in Japan with over a decade of experience in teaching English. I have performed as a translator/interpreter for various needs from translating official documents for Embassy submission, interpreting at medical appointments to assisting our clients in booking reservations and researching on specific requests.

I enjoy traveling, finding good coffee shops, and doing yoga classes.

We are excited to serve you for all your translating / traveling needs!


After graduating from college in U.S., I immediately put my English to use during my employment as a manager at an English school. This experience was when I realized my love of the English language and using English in order to help others. I believe life is all about experiences and Explore Translation gives me the ideal working environment to continue to hone my skills and gain valuable experience.

My current responsibilities are very diverse, I now translate documents spanning governmental agencies, medical facilities, schools as well as in-person interpretation services. I also make entertainment reservations and personal interest appointments and provide research services upon requests.

*Outside of translation, I enjoy traveling, reading and walking.


With my previous working experiences at U.S. military bases supporting sailors and their families, I feel it is rewarding to assist the customers of Explore Translation during their time in Japan to make their life easy and have extraordinary experiences. I always find new opportunities through our customers' varied translation/interpretation requests.
I also work as a photographer and love capturing everybody's special memories. Through Explore Translation, I offer cherry blossom, kimono, and family photo sessions that you'll cherish forever!


I have a BS in communications from University of Wisconsin. After college, I worked at Sasebo Naval Base as a customer service representative to support customers by providing helpful information and make sure they were satisfied with our services.
I have experience working as an English teacher to local children. I am also a licensed teacher for Japanese daycares. I would love to find the best school for you and your family. I will support you by being a bridge for you and school. I also can assist with medical field and document translation.
I love to play the piano, dancing, hiking and swimming . I also like to go find new restaurants with my family.


Before moving to Iwakuni, I worked as an assistant teacher for a few years at an international preschool in Tokyo.
I have always enjoyed working with kids and translating between parents and teachers.
I understand the struggle of living in a country where my native tongue was not the main language used.
This is one of my biggest motivations for joining the Explore Translation team.
I enjoy camping, hiking and traveling with my family!


Konnichiwa! Welcome to Japan. My name is Mami.

I specialize in medical, tourism and automotive maintenance related translation services and also handle LTO related documents. I'm experienced as both automobile sales and maintenance liaison for U.S. military personnel and can provide on-site translation for your service needs. My services include but not limited to medical appointments, purchase of and registering vehicles and translating Japanese documents. As your liaison, I feel that it is my responsibility to do my best to advocate on your behalf.
I will strive to provide the best customer service for my clients.
I like traveling, driving, collecting TOMICA(toy cars) and stationery store hunting.


Hello, my name is Reiko. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Tokyo. After graduating college in San Diego I worked in sales and admin for a trading company in Tokyo.

With my passion for language, people, and culture here at Explore Translation, I am committed to assisting you to make your time in Japan memorable one.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, baking, shopping, and traveling!


Hi. I’m Natsuha. My English name is Summer.

I lived in Australia for a couple of years after graduating high school.
While there, many people helped me get a new phone, open a bank account, etc. I do want to be like those people since then. I worked at a cafe where 80% of the customers are foreigners and was an English teacher for a few years.
I’m so excited to serve you and make your life easier while you are in Japan.
Outside of work, I like traveling, working out, going to the beaches, and watching movies.


I was working for a shipping company in Tokyo for over 7 years as a customer service representative and improving my English skills by daily communication with people from foreign branches.
I also joined a local volunteer group and helped customers from a sister city as a tour guide, and sometimes engaged in translating web pages. My next goal I would like to achieve is to pass the Eiken Grade 1 and get a full score with TOEIC!
I am looking forward to seeing you all and am stoked for where this whole experience will take me to next!

My hobby is going for a hike, traveling around the world, playing tennis, and reading books. I would like to try SUP and Yoga as a new experience too.


I have had an amazing journey coming to where I am today, and now feel confident that I can provide you a professional and effective solution in a timely manner. Previously, I worked in the US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, and Dental clinics in California. I have been involved in the US military community for over 20 years. If you are a service member, their family or work with them, you have my utmost respect and gratitude.

Living abroad is definitely exciting, but sometimes you may face challenges. Here at Explore Translation, we are happy to assist you and make life easier and more comfortable during your stay in Japan.

At the end of the day, my family and I love coming home to our loving dog. She acts like it is Christmas morning every time.


Hello this is Miyuu. It’s pronounced as me and you 🙂
I’ve lived in Yokosuka for 6 years then moved to Atsugi, now here I am in Sasebo!
In Atsugi I was selling bento and catering as home business! I love seeing people smile by what I do.
I’ve already helped a lot of people translating in regards to military spouse life and I am very honored and looking forward to do it more through Explore Translation.
I enjoy working out (heavy lifting), dance, makeup, playing the drums and cooking/eating.


Hello, my name is Yu, pronounced as “you”. You don’t really have to remember my name; you can just call me “you”. This is my little joke for my self-introduction.

I have studied abroad in Portland, Oregon, and Taiwan. Before joining Explore Translation, I gained a couple of years of sales experience at a Japanese company based in Tokyo. I decided to change my career to become a translator because I realized that I wanted to make the most of my communication skills to improve the lives of English-speaking people in Japan.

Outside of work, I am all about traveling. My next goal is to visit all the prefectures in Japan! I also enjoy local food, yoga, and video editing. Please check out our Instagram reels!