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Required Documents

for Parking Certification:

  • In regard to those living off base, please bring a copy of your lease agreement or a copy of a parking lot lease contract, or owner’s permission for the use of the parking space.

  • In regard to those living on the US Navy Base, please bring a copy of the contract you received from the housing office.

  • Location map of the parking place, detailed map of the parking place

    Note: Please be careful, if you make a photocopy of a commercial map without permission of the copyright holder, you may be subject to violation of the copyright law.

For Land Transport Office:

  • Original Vehicle/Motorcycle Inspection Certification (JIDOSHA SHAKENSHO)

  • JCI policy (amended to new owner’s name).

  • Current year road tax receipt (original)

  • Power of Attorney form from VRO

  • Parking Certification (if you have already done this process on your own)

Expenses required at these offices above

Kei cars (with a yellow “A” plate)
550yen for LTO only

Other cars (with a white '“Y” plate)
3,250yen for parking certificate & LTO

0 yen (no parking certificate needed)

*Please prepare enough yen cash and hand it to us with required documents at the initial meet-up.

*In case you need a new license plate, 1,620yen/car or 610yen/motorcycle (250cc &up) is required.

Our service fee

Service Price
Vehicle Parking Certification Only $30
Land Transport Office Only $50
Both Vehicle Parking Certification and Land Transport Office $75
Assistance with License Plate Souvenir (at LTO) $15
Assistance with Local License Plate/Custom Number $15
Both License Plate Souvenir and Local License Plate $20

*Please make a payment prior to the meet-up time. In case of a no-show without any notice, we are unable to refund the cost.

*If you only need assistance with license plate(s), there will be an additional $20.

*Please note that an additional $10 charge will apply if required documents listed above are not submitted all together and we have to rearrange a meet-up or print out any on your behalf. Please be aware the extra charge shall apply when a meet-up was cancelled within a 2-hour window by you or rescheduled due to your tardiness.

We offer these services twice a week

(We receive documents from you on Tuesday or Friday)
*Except for JP/US public holidays

Documents received by Tuesday
- Expected completion date : Friday

Documents received by Friday
- Expected completion date : Wednesday

Please contact us via FB Messenger for the faster assistance or fill out the form below to inquire about the service.


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