These services would acquire Explore Translation to be present with you.
We offer anything from house hunting appointments, hospital visits, and government meetings.
For receiving these services, please email us at or send a message via Explore Translation Facebook Page.


— Health care/government business in any foreign country can be intimidating, but not with Explore Translation at your side! We will accompany you and assist in communicating smoothly with Japanese-speaking locals. This may be combined with scheduling an appointment and translating any follow-up paperwork.

Note : Many insurance companies reimburse translation services. Be sure to check what your policy offers.

◆$40/hr for 1st hour & $15/30mins after if you are located in Iwakuni, Sasebo or within 5km range from Yokosuka MB, Atsugi Base (Additional $10/h for legal interpretation assistance)
◆$50/hr for 1st hour & $20/30mins after for outside the areas above
*Time count starts at the time we meet up on-site
*Traveling costs apply depending on distance
*Additional $10/hour apply for outside business hours (until 9pm)

*Rates above are for scheduled appointments.
Urgent care translation services that are provided after 9pm...$60/hour

***Our traveling fee for a round trip***
◆Iwakuni / Sasebo
(One way from either MB or Hario)

-Within 10km…FREE
Please inquire if it’s further than above.

◆Yokosuka MB / Atsugi
(One way from translator’s location)

-Within a 10km range…FREE
*Additional charge applies if there is a parking cost.
Please inquire if it’s further than above.

Cancellation Policy
・When failing to cancel 24 to 1 hour prior…$30
・No show or cancellation due to late arrival…$40 (from 1 hour prior to scheduled time)

Please learn our reasonable monthly subscription services.

Please contact us via FB Messenger for the faster assistance or fill out the form below to inquire about the service.


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