Price range
¥4,000 - ¥17,000
Parking lots: available

Eco-park Ronshobaru

Address: 4731-1 Kitaarimacho, Minamishimabara, Nagasaki 859-2303 (Approximately 2 hours drive from Main base)

More information:

Eco-Park Ronshobaru has 25 auto camping sites and 5 Cabins.

・ General camp: YES
・ Cabin: Yes
・ Cooking ridge: YES
・ Camping tool rental: YES
・ Shower Yes
・ Toilet: YES

Cost:  The auto camping sites cost ¥4,000 per night, the cabins are between ¥11,000-¥17,000 per night depending on the season.

Pet-Friendly: Yes

Let us help you with making reservation!!

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2. Please contact us via FB here for the easy/faster communication