Price range
¥2,000 - ¥18,000

Design haircut, many kinds of coloring options are available by talented hairstylist who also works at a salon in Tokyo! Head spa is included for almost all menu listed here.


Cut (S/B included)

Design haircut  ¥4400
Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry

Colorwork (S/B included)

Coloring ¥6,400 & up
Long hair extra cost ( below collar bone +¥1000)

Touch-up ¥4,400 & up (less than 10cm)

Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry
Head-spa included

【Types of colors】
THROW color
Control redness from dye, good for cold tones like ash and matte.

Addicthy color
Bright and shiny

edol color
Long lasting, it’s also good with warm tone colors

Illumina Color
Less damage, bright also soft to touch

Color butter
Added conditioner treatment in the color butter, able to give hair care while color treatmen

LUQUIAS color ( Hair manicure )
Less damage and doesn’t fade away quickly.

Tint bar color
strong color without having to bleach hair

LUVIONA color (cover grey hair) full
Use conditioner on scalp, gentle on scalp.

Double color ¥14600 & up
Tone up to a brighter, transparent color
(below collar bone +¥2000)

Triple color ¥22800 & up
Bleach twice to have a brighter look than double color
(below collar bone +¥3000)

Highlights ¥15600 & up
Adding brighter highlights makes hair becomes more pronounced
(below collar bone +¥2000)

Ombré hair ¥15600 & up
Great for longer keep since ombré darker roots won’t be a problem
(below collar bone +¥2000)

Inner color ¥15600 & up
Hidden color is cute!
( below collar bone +¥2000)

Balayage ¥17400 & up
(below collar bone +¥2000)



Design perm ¥8000
Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry
Head-spa included
All styles, no extra costs for longer hair.

Partial perm ¥4400
Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry
Head-spa included
Perm on a small area. No extra costs for longer hair

Deep Conditioning (S/B not included)

Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry
Head-spa included

5 steps hair treatment (LV.1) ¥3000

8 steps hair treatment (LV.2) ¥5000

11 steps hair treatment (LV.3) ¥10,000


Hair updo ¥4500
Shampoo& blow dry included

Hair updo ¥2500
No shampoo & blow dry

Head Spa (standard) ¥3000
Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry included.
Relaxing, slim your face, remove dirt/smells from scalp.

Head Spa (premium) ¥4000
Carbonated spring shampoo, blow dry included.
Relaxing and stress relief! Make hair healthy. Also will slim your face. Must try!

Shampoo ¥2000
Blow dry and head spa included.
Carbonated spring water is really gentle on scalp, making it clean.
(Able to switch to mint shampoo).


Cancellation Policy
The same day cancellation / No-show…100%

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