To order a specific product for

birthday / anniversary / wedding

please contact Explore Translation for details.


Would you like a beautiful bouquet at your anniversary dinner table waiting for your wife as you walk into the restaurant?
Let us help you communicate with the florist and place a special order just for you!
Wrist corsages for Marine Corps Ball / Navy Ball and more are available to order through us.



*FREE DELIVERY if you order through Explore Translation and spend 3,000yen or more!!

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Prices vary depending on a product or your budget.


・Corsage…2,500yen & up
・Boutonniere…1,300yen & up
・Bouquet…3,000yen & up
・Flower wreath…2,500yen & up
・Table decoration (centerpiece)… 2,000yen & up

*These are only examples, we can place your orders based on your budget.

We can help you surprise your special someone by making arrangements to have a floral arrangement delivered and waiting at your restaurant table!

Read our blog for more pictures and information.

They now accept credit cards! (Visa or Master)


*Cash only for delivery orders


Request an order is easy and available 7 days a week. Once you fill out the form we will contact you by email during our business hours to confirm your order. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

*Free delivery is available when ordering through Explore Translation. *When placing an order to receive another time, please make a payment first. Your order will not be completed until payment is submitted. (Now we take credit cards!) *Your order will be automatically cancelled if it's not picked up by 18:30 on the planned pick-up date. (Orders are non-refundable.)

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