Kimono Rental, Dressing Services along with Photography Option

We, Explore Translation, has contracted with wa~sarasa in Sasebo to provide our customers with the easiest
and reasonable kimono rental experience around in Sasebo!

With over 30 years of experience…

Machiko-san is a certified kimono dresser / instructor
with over 30 years of experience, including her years in Kyoto as a bridal kimono coordinator.

She can assist you enjoy an authentic kimono experience you will forever cherish through Explore Translation!

Please note that we only carry limited plus-size kimonos. Kimonos are available for those who up-to 6’1”/187lb (185cm/85kg).


Please see “options” and “others” about required/suggested costs.


Ceremonial Kimonos
Casual Kimonos
Kids' Kimonos

Women Casual Large 168-175cm (5’6”-5’9”) Up-to 80kg(176lb)


Hair Styling
Entrance Fees
Photo Session Fees by Resident Photographer



Photo Gallery

Location Options

We ask you to choose your location from below for our services.

  • Gallery Mominohana (Kawashimo-cho)
  • Japanese Garden (Only accessible through Explore Translation)
  • Sarayama Park (Saza, best from March to May)
  • Shrine in Sasebo (Please inquire)
  • Saza River (Best from February to April)
  • Yoshii Train Station (Best in the cherry blossom season)
  • Tea Ceremony House (Only accessible through ET, please inquire)
  • Two-Arched Rock (Megane Iwa in Oono, best in autumn)
  • Tozan Shrine in Arita (Best in spring / autumn)


  1. Please refrain from eating or drinking while in kimonos.
  2. Please refrain from wearing perfume/scented lotion on your kimono fitting day.

  3. The colors and sizes of kimonos are limited.

  4. Please book a reservation 10 days prior.

  5. Please bring exact yen cash on your reservation date.

  6. 10% of the scheduled menu cost is required upon reservation.

Proper attire for kimono fitting day

For Men - Please wear a V-neck T-shirt and boxer short pants.

For Women - Please wear a full undershirt that covers your lower back and yoga pants. *No camisole or Jeans.

For kids (under 12 years old) - Sportswear (no high-necked clothing)

*Tabi socks and flip flops would be the best footwear for event.

Cancellation Policy

3 days prior to reservation…Free
2 days prior to reservation…30%
On the day of reservation…100%




Request an order is easy and available 7 days a week. Once you fill out the form we will contact you by email during our business hours to confirm your order. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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