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Lu Lu-marieyu

Sasebo Diet / Weight Loss Salon

Are you looking for weight loss program from the local community?

For every patient, regardless of which weight loss program you want to embark on, begin with a personalized one-on-one consultation. This consultation is for the specialist to get to know you, understand your weight loss struggles, any family history of medical conditions, and to get a baseline of where you’re at today and your goals. Their weight loss consultation will be with a registered nurse. She will review the following items: Evaluation of diet history and medical conditions Identification of barriers to weight loss Goal-setting Helpful information about healthy eating, supplement, ear acupuncture, and aroma slimming.



4, 400yen

(Please pay in yen cash)

Ear Acupuncture with beauty intestine course

One month recommended course - ¥ 75,800 (excluding tax)

Three month recommended 3 plan course - Starting from ¥ 202,000 (excluding tax)

*Success Diet Result -11lb (-5kg) in a month!

Aroma Slimming Massage

Blend aroma slimming hand treatment with your favorite scent and condition.

60 minutes - 6,800 yen

80 minutes - 8,500 yen

90 minutes - 10,300 yen

(Tax excluded)

Successful Diet Results Look at these successful results!!!

They will weigh you and keep your record every week to assist you in weight control.


In just 3 months, total weight loss -28.3lb (Age: 50’s) Weight: 135.8lb → 107.5lb (-28.3lb) Body fat: 39.9% → 29.0% (-9.1%) Waist: 30.9in → 26.3in (-4.6in)


“Even though I didn't lose weight no matter what I did, with Lulu-marieyu weight loss program, I was able to lose 13.6lb in the first month!!! In only 3 months, I got the shape I wanted.” —volunteer testimony of an unpaid client


In just 3 months, total weight loss -18.7lb! (Age: 50’s) Weight: 122.8lb → 104.1lb (- 18.7lb) Body fat: 29.5% → 24.1% (-5.4%) Waist: 27.5in → 24.0in (-3.5in)


A woman in her 50’s who suddenly started to gain weight and couldn't lose any weight even though her eating habits did not change. She ate three meals a day and succeeded in loosing 18.7lb in three months without exercising!


In just 3 and half months, total weight loss -26.7lb! (Age: 50’s) Weight: 158.9lb → 132.2 kg (-26.7lb) Body fat: 41.7% → 34.8% (-6.9%) Waist: 38.8in → 29.7in (-9.1in)


Due to overeating and lack of exercise, her body became full of fat, and she couldn't lose weight no matter what she did. With Lulu-marieyu weight loss program, she lost 26.7lb in three and a half month. Her high liver and blood sugar values were within the normal range!



Booking an appointment is easy and available 7 days a week. Once you fill out the form we will contact you by email during our business hours to confirm your appointment for availability. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.
Please note that you MUST have a translator for your consultation.

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