ET Partnership
Price range
¥20,000 - ¥35,000

Service availability

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Take advantage of their military discounts!!

Whether you and group of single Sailors want to get off the ship, are weary traveler looking for an upgrade from a business hotel, or need a place to put your visiting in-laws, Stay 99 Sasebo has you covered. A quiet, quaint establishment, this brand new apartment complex, established in 2021, should more than meet your needs with free parking, but also within walking distance to Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo.

They have started offering MILITARY DISCOUNTS if you make a reservation from this link! Do not miss this opportunity. 🙂

Military discounts:
1-6 nights...10% off
7-27 nights...15% off
28 nights or longer...25% off
*Please consult with us about the rates if you consider a longer stay.

**Your military (SOFA) ID is required at the tablet check-in.


All 3 buildings are very cozy and stylish!

Concerned with germs and the hidden inhabitants of hotel lodging? No fear at Stay 99 Sasebo! We thoroughly clean your room and sanitize everything with this 100% chemical free technology.