They offer different translation services from restaurant and activity reservations to travel research to help opening a Japanese bank account. Since signing up for their monthly service last spring our family has been able to do so many more things with less stress and anxiety than when we were booking and researching everything on our own using Google Translate, our limited Japanese language skills, and the occasional help from Japanese friends. They’ve also saved us so much time! I message them via FB Messenger and they reply within the hour, but usually within a few minutes. They have several different options for how they work with customers so there should be one that works for everyone. As an added bonus, many of their employees are also US military spouses.
A few examples of how our family has benefited from their services…
– restaurants (can kids eat there, do they have certain menu items, what time is least busy if the place doesn’t take reservations)
– hotels (confirmed specific bed arrangements for reservations booked in Japanese online using Google Translate)
– confirmed parking or apparel or supply details for different activities
– tracked down lost items
– translated the contract for off base swim lessons
I only wish I’d known about them when we first arrived in Japan!!